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Tuesday and Wednesday, there occurs a shocking revelation — it was hidden, you had no clue about it, however, over these two days, this covert issue erupts, is exposed, comes to light. Thursday there are indications this person or it may be a large consortium, very powerful , from foreign climes will have a direct impact on your finances, liquidity or possessions, items not fastened down, such as cash, jewellery, designer fashions.

Remember, Friday begins a No you are NOT going to die. But like a butterfly must shed its cocoon in order to actually become a butterfly, so must you clever Gemini. Embrace the constant, change. Here we go Gemini, follow this closely. Certainly you have your eyes, ears and nose trained on them. You have Neptune, the gas giant, in this most concrete, influential of houses in your horoscope aka an angular house: Translation: very Important, strong influences at play orbiting the house of profession, where you extract an income from, your job, your livelihood.

And over the following 2. Not to mention, Venus has been sitting pretty make that extremely beautiful in this sector of your chart until February 3, Neptune is full of nuance, he swims both ways. And in Pisces is sure to deceive, or maybe not, who can say? Not really letting you know you are in the subtle midst of a con, a mystery, a fog that rolls in, moist and cool off the ocean thus creating havoc and danger for ancient mariners and us mere modern mortals alike. No, this presence of Neptune in this house I would conjecture would only work if you are a movie star, a conman, or a magician.

But for the rest of us, it will only create confusion. It will be difficult to pin down anything from those in positions of authority. Jerking your professional patience to the max. My advice, for what it is worth, is, be very observant. Be still. Watch as this gaseous nebulous wanderer makes mincemeat out of those in authority. Those in positions of power will be incoherent in their ramblings much like a certain individual presently running the USA. One day the twitter will praise and the next, rip you to shreds.

Be very careful, in all your public dealings. You have been cushioned recently, since January 3rd, by exalted, magnificent Venus in her splendour in Pisces. And as a result, luck has surrounded matters of not only your profession but those of a covert nature, involving hidden issues, large corporations, hospitals, prisons, charities etc. And too, chronic health issues. But this comes to an abrupt end on Friday. The veil, the veneer is ripped right off. Also be aware from Sunday through Tuesday, while your intention is set on borrowed money, the funds of a business or marital partner by Thursday, these power moves you thought were a sure thing could land you in a difficult position, especially if gambling or entertainment is part of this odd mix.

Need I remind you, partnerships have been, how shall I put it? Frosty, serious, without mirth since December And shed the idea you have an exceptional, unique brilliance of perception, an x-ray vision if you will or a unique comprehension of the machinations of borrowed money, mortgages, loans or the cash of your partner, because you do not — unless you are a professional financial person, Gemini.

Friends, social groups, causes beckon Wednesday, Thursday. One cannot solve the whole mystery in a day, so chill. Manifest yourself as the creative tour de force you are. Drive straight forward with your creative inspiration. Reap the great benefit of your innate creative verve, instincts and intuition. All of which emanates as if out of nowhere over the next 12 months. Sweet tender Cancer, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: you are sensitive, emotional, intuitive, a fabulous cook or at the very least you know all the best restaurants in town , great with kids, loving towards your family and home.

Yet you carry an exterior that most find impenetrable. O yes, you are shy. You do not boast about your many talents and skills. You have an ability to master skills, talents, an inherent genius for mastery of the domestic sciences. You may be a physicist, a journalist, a scientist, a high school teacher, a nurse or a cop.

Regardless of these many skills you so readily achieve, your needlepoint work and your quilting plus your apple pie… is to die for, simply out of this world. And should a person, a pet, a job, anything get through your tough persona read; crust into that tender interior, you will hang onto them with all your might. Ever been bit by a crab? They are strong little critters, ouch!

And you never let go, Cancer, ever. Especially if you are in love and you tend to fall in love for life. You hang in for the duration: tenacity, this is your word. Imagine if we followed his advice? Cancer this is just how you act in the world. Did I mention you have an extraordinary ability to recall the minutiae of every memory of things, events, pets and people from your past? The one flaw I have observed from the Cancers I know and love, is for some reason, when the Moon is in her dignity, her rulership, and sits in Cancer; my Cancers get really cranky, moody and are quite a handful.

But more of this anon. Sunday to Tuesday around PM sees your interests, your vitality, personality leaning towards higher learning. But this is no ordinary university is it? If this is not the case, then you may find yourself in the middle of a film, theatre or art school.

And yes, you will excel in this creative milieu. My one proviso is, avoid indulging in mind altering drugs, alcohol or debauchery of an intellectual or spiritual nature. Yes the subject of money, their money, borrowed money, mortgages, loans etc. Not a comfortable conversation to say the least.

And as conversations tend to go, it will morph, splatter into issues connected to your siblings, your locale, your community, your neighbours and communications, emails, texts etc. It may well include discussions re counselling, perhaps a financial advisor is required. You get my drift. And Tuesday through Thursday, your boss, your immediate supervisor, who ever it is you report to exclusively, acts in an extremely authoritarian, ruthless, warring manner.

Otherwise just nod politely, do not incite any more rage by accidentally smiling or moving your eyebrows — freeze Bucko. Just slowly back out of the room, maintaining eye contact with this rabid creature that is your boss. Friday, continue practising your spells, or whatever you have mastered through your recent and ongoing sojourn through higher learning etc. Saturday, seek out the comfort of good friends and social groups to commiserate regarding the events of this harrowing week. Discuss, analyse, gossip with solid, close friends. Two heads are better than one, right?

Good Luck! LEO July 23 — August A beauty for sure, a beauty of certain health, wealth and wisdom.

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She is enormously successful. Over the upcoming 7 days partnership, business and marital plus very close personal friends, you know those you would confide your darkest, deepest secrets to , these people are lit up like a Christmas tree! You are in no position to argue or show your pouty face or be disagreeable with. Do not do act out Leo. I know, it is very difficult to be you and not be the centre of the Universe, after all this is the natural order, right?

Always in the winter. Winter is Coming! Those cold, dark, long foreboding winter days and everlasting nights. And for 30 whole days, 30 long cold nights!!! How can the Gods be so craven, be this cruel, selfish, unconcerned with you? You are really hard not to adore, place on a pedestal, to admire, to flatter, and flatter, and flatter some more. Sunday through Thursday, you have a major snafu I really want to swear here cause this is No snafu, it is a major screwup, ya dig? You understand who I am speaking of, right? People, humanity who serve you, Leo. Needless to say they are, how to put this delicately: uppity?

Look, you are facing a tour de force, a force of nature, so overwhelming it is larger than a neutron bomb. You will find out this week, cause Karma it seems is instant these day. Moving on, there is something in the house of finances of your mate, business partner, or open enemy or mortgages you have or loans you owe, that smells like a three day old fish on your kitchen counter. Behemoths few of us ever have an opportunity to meet, let alone discuss financial matters with.

And unfortunately, your house of self-undoing is in play as well. Yes Leo, your chronic health matters are under a veil, a fog, a blanket of mystery. Very similar to the financial issue described above. Advice: Go, no Run! I do not wish to alarm you but follow this advice.

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By Wednesday, Thursday, the effluence floating in your house of skilled people, those offering you services, your housekeeper, your gardener, your secretary or lawyer, doctor or your staff are ignited by a circumstance, an event, perhaps a male instigator from a foreign land. The explosion, electric shock, lightning bolt however you want me to describe this monumental upset to the status quo takes place over the next 2 days. It will come from: legal quarters, people in places of higher learning, judges maybe, foreigners for sure. Hunker down, get ready cause the splatter is ubiquitous.

Well by late Thursday PM through Saturday, this sector, your career, how you make your income, your profession, from whence your cash flows, is like it got hit by a wave, a tsunami and the effects of the financial quandary profoundly, especially on Friday at PM put you on your derriere. Having said all the above I now offer you this nibble of hope. Saturday, reflect on the above, review your week past.

Now take solace, count your blessings because there is great comfort, peace, tranquility, wisdom, beauty, art, philosophy and yes mirth, joy and happiness in the following areas of your life Leo: your locale, immediate neighbours, short trips, your siblings, communications of all types from texts to Instagram through to a love letter.

All these marvels we so often take for granted, present themselves like honoured servants at your feet Leo. Confide in them, talk to them, show them that parents, adults also have vulnerabilities. And sometimes Life will knock you down. You can hit the ground hard. This is what is so impressive about you, Leo. Good Luck. All Humanity are stunned, bewildered by the force, the reverberation the sound of his trumpet makes.

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But here is the skiffy; you are about to enter an entirely new phase of Life. Over the upcoming 20 months, watch as you rejuvenate like a salamander regrows his lost tail.

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You will prevail. And now the new dawn is upon you. O dear Virgo, chaste, pure, acutely intellectual, physically a classic beauty always and forever. No, you do not turn your head to look at Sodom and Gomorrah fall. No turning into a pillar of salt for you my dear. Rather this period is more like a rush to the goal post at the end of the final quarter. You have the ball and are heading for the winning touchdown. And only a few more months, 4 to be exact. Yes, you have witnessed it all fall through your hands like sand in a hour glass.

And there was nothing you could do about it. The more you turned and struggled and fought to maintain the status quo, the quicker the sand would slip through the tiny pipe. Finally, not because of your brains, for which you have a lot, but owing to humans, like all creatures who dwell with us beneath the Moon, we know, we are, all food for the Moon, and you accepted that change is the only constant in this world.

No matter what you did, how much you compromised, promised, lied, fabricated, no matter what amazing story you fed those who dwell in your house of partnership, marriage, business, besties, deepest friends, or open enemies they have all changed, if not physically, then there is no denying it, your relationships are not the same. You have to do what is necessary, you need be practical.

Your primary motivation in life is for physical security. You need to know you have cash in the bank, a roof over your head and where your next meal is coming from, or you are one nutty Virgo. And that is not a pretty sight. As you well know, Virgo, there are 4 pillars in Life: 1. Your primary motivation 2. If any one of these main events are rocked you risk having a serious breakdown.

Virgos are especially sensitive, you are after all ruled by Mercury, the quickest planet we know. Everyone listens carefully now about those 3 week periods. It is just that simple. And while this 18 month period means good advancement for you personally, you have sacrificed a lot. Seen a lot of loss vis a vis relationship.

Not an easy period. I feel your pain, truly. Sunday through Tuesday, partnership is lit up like the 4th of July. There is something not quite right in this scenario. Something is up! Drugs, booze, kinky sex may play a role in this difficult hard to decipher environment. In the same moment, your 1st born child is transforming into a powerhouse dynamo before your very eyes. You must simply sit down, shut up and take notes. Likely a domestic argument of grand proportions, but it could as well be an electrical snafu, or a technical problem which really upset the proverbial apple cart.

I simply cannot say. If I was reading your Tarot cards, for instance, I would be able to pinpoint the colour commentary to this event. The most likely explanation is the following: a money matter that is volatile to begin with escalates and your children are affected by this sudden shock. Thursday, you offer a helping hand financially to your kids, it is well worth it and you will not regret helping.

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Money, by the way continues to roll in, as if by magic to your personal coffers until October Friday take a breath and go to things of an intellectual or spiritual nature. Here you will discover a calm a certain peace and rejuvenate your inherently nervous nature. With Mercury, your ruler, now under the cloak of the Dark Lord Pluto, one cannot help but hope wee Mercury will survive. Of course this is a metaphor. I have personal, empiric knowledge, understanding perhaps of this mighty force, having had it transit over the last 20 odd years to hit every single personal planet and go through the angular points; read, very strong and significant areas of my personal horoscope.

Advice: do not take this transit through your house of creativity, speculative investments, children, projects connected financially to your home, ancestors lightly. Pluto will without a doubt transform, whether you like it or not, your entire landscape in this regard. Saturday, looks like a great opportunity for you to venture into the realms of foreign shores, higher learning, spiritual quests, legal matters and combine these events, ideas with those of your children or your creative verve.

O Libra! Tell me, who can match your physical beauty, your cerebrally gifted balanced mind, your inherent ability to bring peace, tranquility to even the most dire of situations? The answer is: No One. A true warrior for Peace, apologies for the mixed metaphor. Without malice, sans spite, without a cruel bone in your entire being, you were born.

Truly this is who you are. You walk through this horror of a world with its ongoing atrocities, its continued biases, its ignorance about how humans ought to treat one another, but you Libra with the grace of a beautiful white Arabian stallion, proud, head high, yet delicately, you wander through life without disturbing not a single blade of grass as you canter along your karmic path. You would never consciously insult, offend or cause pain. And from what I have personally seen in how they live their lives, practice their areas of expertise, deal with others, respond to conflict — I am constantly in awe of the composed, elegant, sophisticated and informed manner in which they walk the talk.

Not only will the Libran listen, offer very wise counsel, they will gently tell you if you are off base. And funny thing about how they all behave — my mother had a Libra Moon, I have many friends, relatives with Libran personal points or planets and honestly it is not just me waxing on romantically about these special humans, they are truly all like this: they all have this inherent quality, this humanity within them.

I know a nurse, an IT person, an astrologer, my sweet mother and clients, seriously they all exude this marvellous human angelic quality. And trust me, their lives have not been easy, nor have they been born with the proverbial silver spoon. Yet at an early age, Librans embody this unique ability, skill, intelligence and form. Libra, not only grace but diplomacy is your calling card.

And the beauty of it all — you leave the indelible mark of this angelic infusion of peace, bien etre wherever you go. Truly Blessed is the person who has a Libra in their life. Good news for you sweet Libra, you have Jupiter in your sign into October And people, when Jupiter rises at dawn, transits the MC at noon or sets in the evening, you can feel the peace fill the room. Hell you can feel it sprinkle its goodness all around. It is ubiquitous, the peace Jupiter in Libra bestows upon earth.

And as the Great Benefic of our solar system, it will award accolades, success in all your endeavours involving your personal skills, wit, inherent talent and your primary motivation for partnership, intellectual study, philosophical debate, aesthetics, art, interior design, architecture and the ancient notion, the Aristotelian concept of form that which unifies matter into a singular object, ergo, Soul into Body.

It started back in and goes through until I am referring of course to Pluto in Capricorn. But today, Sunday, with Mercury in tow, doing a little shimmy with our Dark Lord Pluto just kidding about DL, not Pluto there is a decidedly verbal, intellectual, perhaps argumentative quality to the vibes about the house.

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Involved are the following culprits: chronic health issues, large institutions, hospitals, prisons, charity groups, foreigners, those from abroad meaning further away than a 3 to 5 day walk. Many of my reference are from the 11th century. If not physically than metaphorically because you are concerned, discussing, arguing like a banshee with your partner, business cohort, you BFF or an open enemy on these topics.

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These ideas have truly taken form. Be mindful, legal issues, lawyers, lawsuits, judgments from yeah, judges, duh? Also higher learning, universities, professors all are in this hoedown at your place. Like I said this goes on for most of the week. However, over the upcoming 41 days guess who just arrived? Yup, Mars is sitting in your house of partnership, business or marital, best buddies or open enemies — all surface for a wingding of 41 days of aggressive, argumentative, say it, war, comes to roost in this area of your solar chart. This transit of the Moon brings with her issues related to people who serve you: doctors, lawyers, gardeners, cooks, cleaners, and basket weavers all enter into this cluster mess of a week.

And you gentle Libra have to calm everyone of them down! Thursday amidst all this action and hullabaloo, your wit, talent and skill imbued by Jupiter in your solar first house of self, must qualm the rumblings of a ferocious force, impenetrable strength, power, dynamism and a verbal onslaught the likes of which one only wishes to observe once in a lifetime!

Finally, Friday, Venus your ruler, enters a What does this mean? Take no prisoners. And I believe this info either comes to you in a prophetic dream or a psychic revelation. Or perhaps the result of reading this blog!!? Saturday, questions regarding this mystery need to be addressed. He gazes skyward oblivious to the steep precipice he is on the verge of going over. A small black and white dog, stares lovingly up at him and prances around him.

Faith is the message here. It is a mystery, but by taking your leap of faith, by simply dancing along your karmic path, you find out what life has in store for you. Your hope, trust and self confidence is infectious. Leap Now! Be Free! Scorpio, where to start, wow so much to tell you. Our Dark Lord of the outer reaches of our solar system has essentially altered everything in your life. Especially true if it went over your Ascendant. Regardless, in your solar chart if it merely touched you with his cloaked golden hand, you were forever changed.

You were, moved in such a way, by necessity, to stop, lick your finger, raise it skyward and figure out which way the strong winds of change were blowing. Kudos Scorpio, you did it! You survived. You mastered this most humbling of transits. Voila you can let it go, forget about it, move on. Yes, yes Pluto is a tough task master. And should your arrogance persuade you somehow you were not touched or entirely transformed by this mighty little piece of space debris orbiting the outer reaches of the solar system, then sorry to say this, but you, my friend are totally unconscious.

Scorpios are by far the best researchers on the planet. And if you need back up in a fight? IF they have placed their trust and love in you. Otherwise, slowly back away, out of the room, maintain eye contact, HEY! Yup, Scorpio is a very very loyal sign but cross them, humiliate them, if in relationship with them should you try and make them jealous? Stand down. Good luck trying to fix this screwup.

Frankly, this is too heavy to discuss now. Suffice to say, I do not envy you. The mess you have just unleashed by this slip up, will never ever, ever be forgotten. And today Sunday, well they are conjoined at the hip. Advice: try not to obliterate those close by, ie. Be civil, do not react. Hold your power, be still. Be elegant. Do not explode or blow up at those relationships on which you survive.

Remember, your primary motivation is for emotional security. So Sunday through Tuesday, tread lightly be as light as a feather, I double dare ya with your rhetoric, your vernacular, your comments, especially with your children. Not only are they totally listening to you, but the Moon transiting Pisces during this 2.

Do not subjugate the innocent to your rage and wrath. They simply cannot tolerate your heavy vibe, or for that matter your habit of putting them in the deep freeze when you decide to punish them and others by being mute, knock that off too. It verges on abuse, seriously. You, Scorpio, Just Chill Out. Try this exercise. ZIP IT! Suck it up, grow a pair and be zen. Get it, got it, good? Over the entire week, your home, ancestors, the elderly, your grandparents etc.

Do not delay, time is fleeting. You never know what can happen vis a vis the elderly. One minute they are sharing a story, a drink, a meal with you and then poof, they have exited stage left, and will not be returning. January 28, , and for the next 41 days your ruler, Mars is in your solar house of skills, talents, but more importantly people who offer you a service, a majorly important relationship sector for you which includes: doctors, lawyers, cooks, housekeepers, gardeners… anyone you pay money for and receive a service from, your grocer, hairdresser etc.

All these people, in your life, and by necessity use over the next 6 weeks, go high should they attack. They are pumped up, energized by Mars in his rulership sign. Please stop reading now. Enjoy your life and do not be vexed, worried with what will come. It is simply not for you. And certainly not in good zodiacal shape: Meaning the Moon in Gemini will not function according to her true nature, as she does when in Cancer, her ruler or Taurus, her exalted ruler. Therefore as a predictive astrologer I will say: Expect to hear some gossipy garbage or smut about neighbours, those close to you physically.

Or about siblings especially, younger ones. Pluto, the Darth Vader of our Solar system, of our outer planets, slowly traverses from to , like the villain in the Marvel comic blockbuster movies, Pluto paces, back and forth. First direct then he retrogrades over certain degrees over this extended period of time. AND because he sits in the house of : Your partners, marital or business, your closest friends.

It is incumbent on you to be supportive of your mate, business or marital. Since September , until October your exalted ruler, Jupiter, sits in the peace loving sign of Libra. What to expect? The fruits of which, are plentiful, filled with funny stories, anecdotes your whole brood loves to share tales of familial hijinks. And share you do. Cancers are the most home loving folks around always preparing a meal, or making something of comfort for their home. Dollars to donuts, Home Sense, Home Depot were founded or shrewdly read the Uranus in Cancer generation primary motivation for a nest, a comfortable, clean home.

And with your exalted ruler in the sector of home etc.. You are blessed with prosperity in this area of Life, for now. Make sure you count your blessing. Enjoy spreading the largesse amongst those you know are not as fortunate as you. You are at a monthly high, with your spirits up, optimism abounds. Energy-wise, luck wise especially, you exude your true colours and sweetheart they are of a rainbow esque quality. There is an expectation upon you to perform and keep up with this dynamo of a boss. Until March 4, a female superior acts in an overly authoritative fashion.

I agree with you she is rude, unnecessarily flippant and prone to be emotional explosive. Yours are under the spotlight come Friday pm. It is neither in rulership, exaltation in Leo. The party is on Cancer and you are it. Have a wonderful weekend! LEO July 23 — August This is the quintessential image of prosperity, well-being.

And for you Leo artists out there,,, Look out, over the next 3 months, more likely 3 years, your creative talents, wit and skill soar. Bien Faites mon Lion! Leo as discussed last week, this is not your month. Nor is it wise to stick your pussycat nose into places someone may smack it, Ouch! But you do have a habit, if not centre stage, the focus of attention on somebody else,you will attempt to have everyone pivot back to you.

And many of us, including myself love our Leo siblings with a ferocious loyalty. We enjoy you childlike mentality with humour only close siblings get,,,at least, most of the time. Presently, these associates are being zapped by the rays of Neptune. Chums, pals are under the gun. Be super supportive. When you have a 30 day period of opposition from your ruler the Sun whilst its in Aquarius, it is tiring, exhausting and likely right about, NOW the last thing you need to hear is, during this period your open enemies are getting a lot of air time, So slip out of your gorgeous business suit, nice cut BTW!

Curl up with a movie and a bucket of ice cream, a book or just surf the Net. But do not feel the need to make an appearance. And you are not fooling around. Hold your power. Do not allow anyone to knock you off your stride. No drama Queen mentality, okay. Of course, Thursday prior to the Full Moon tomorrow, your contacts abroad, publishers, legal eagles from administrative assistants to lawyers, professors, universities, places of higher learning, your yoga class, for instance.

And an attractive yet aggressive woman from abroad acts in a rude uncivil, crass manner, not at you, but at a person who is from another social status than them. It likely turns your stomach to hear or watch this behaviour go unchecked. Saying something in my opinion would be the correct actions. Saturday, the heat is off you and your spouse, no more domestics to report. Have a lavish dinner out tonight, followed by an in-home massage treatment?

Where is your innocence? Over the next 19 months, years be a child innocent, free of concerns. Enjoy this boundless state. Lucky you. O Virgo, what do say to you? How can I take away the burden you have carried low these last months? Your fleet of foot ruler, Mercury, flies through each sign of the zodiac with the alacrity of a well honed, elite athlete. But because you embrace each sign so quickly, it requires a nimble, supple, flexible mind. Being a mutable earth sign, Virgo, you employ this skill with unmatched elegance, style and panache,all the while sporting a poker face.

The kind of consciousness that absorbs the characteristics of the sign it finds itself in, is in the truest sense of the word: A shape shifter, a trickster, a magi, you old soul you! This is crucial for you to understand, Virgo. While these arcane astrological expression sounds weird and while many modern astrologers dismiss it, categorically, this omission is at their own peril. A horoscope only gives up her secrets, if the astrologer knows his craft..

Rarely will you encounter astrologers, Tarot readers, psychics using this terminology. Judgement rendered mute under these oppressive regime. Given a terrible wrap predictive astrologers have, in our modern western societies. One must look at both the light and the dark. Carefully weigh the odds, count the beans in column Number 1, against those in column Number 2. Ask your Scorpio pals, especially if it is their rising sign, as Pluto continued to hit upon all their most personal areas of life. What a great method actor you have become! Nonetheless, it made my point. In your solar house of daily routines, people who perform a service for you, doctors, lawyers, candlestick maker, ceiling wax suppliers,,, all take a decide clinical, scientific analytical approach to the services you require on a regular basis.

You prefer your meat cooked not squirming in terror at the edge of the cage! Ya dig? So stop your sniffling, or no porridge for you, Oliver Twist.. With the Sun in this area of life as well until February 18 , a hidden person read; Secret Enemy, sporting a black fedora, dark shades, trench coat with white sneakers while smoking a Gitane cigarette with a really long, long…. And as you make you escape out of T. Good thing about the trail of sugar, cause you can follow it back and find out all the lurid details of this nere do well.

No worries, dude! No worries. Or a chronic health matter which is potentially connected to your heart is discovered, cured, rectified, thank God. These white coated lab rat consumers, our noble medical team. Reclusion is the best solution. Seriously Virgo. Poof, gone. Walter White. Just take it easy. No running around, no cleaning, no cooking, Nothing.

Just rest. If you must, find an amusing sun sign column to read. Have a giggle. And email the dumbass who wrote this schlock. Go for it, your charisma, your natural beauty, savvy snappy outfits, so contemporary, so hip,, All keep the mystic, the aura which you exude with flair that is perfect for the 21st century. Today is the first day of your becoming victorious, successful, Grace and a leader in your field of expertise.

You have finally won the battle and put all your ducks in row…. I am constantly refreshed,invigorated by your astute, focused manner. Like the astrologer, you weigh, balance, weigh some more, the many angles again with the astrology a situation, a person can have, and just as an astrologer MUST do, you make judgements. With Venus in Aries until to 4 March , events, people, open enemies move swiftly, rushing, trouncing on people, situations, events as she is loath to do in this poor zodiacal state.

Already Venus in Aries cannot produce what is promised, but now in retrograde motion, Venus can wield a mighty hard wallop. Turning from a gentle Goddess of Love into an Avenging Warrior of destruction. Forewarned is Forearmed, right? Mind your step. This is especially true Wednesday at noon. READ Gemini for these days for a further explanation of what this transit incorporates.

Your solar house of creativity, your eldest child, speculative ventures, money from real estate holdings, inheritances are all topics, people who will want to present logical, cogent, scientific backed facts regarding these philosophically infused subjects, ideas. It all flows from Saturn in Sagittarius in your solar house of short trips, communications, early education, siblings, errands, counselling, paperwork.

BTW this restriction lifts by October Friday specifically is bound to bring up with the above concerns. Partners, close allies or conversely open enemies are involved. In fact these people will add fuel to already volatile circumstances Tread very carefully. Be the consummate diplomat you truly are: Be Switzerland! Saturday, what a relief, just curl up with a good book,a glass of Chardonnay. With Moon in analytical Virgo is well disposed to uncover any daily health , matter which had evaded you. Culminating, hopefully, with enlightenment. Let me tell you, read: NO ONE passes through this life of ours without a few bumps along the way, trip ups, crashes, or being brought low: Listen S.

Be kind, listen: It is NOT the bump, the crash which ought concern us or skew our imagination. Taking over our precious consciousness, mind. The rising up, the recovering, the dusting off , the standing back up…. This is what is crucial, most important and necessary. The releasing, the letting go, THI is what is profoundly Soul provoking, cooking, evolving.

When someone thieves from you, sure cut off their right arm if you want to get biblical…. I prefer this solution: Discover the source, the culprit of the theft. Try and recoup if possible. Then let it all go… DO NOT spend one precious minute of your incredible life, your gift of creative force ruminating, emotionally contorting yourself, replaying the affair over and over again.

And certainly Life can be wrought with danger, betrayal, abandonment…. In order for you to rise up, like the Phoenix from the flames, to soar another epic day. Your doctor, your lawyer, your accountant? Your mechanic? Your masseuse? Your hairdresser? Your housekeeper? Full tilt, straight ahead, ambitious, action oriented, willing to tackle big problems others would rush in terror, screaming from?

Hmm, who would be so reckless, without concern for their own safety? Sorry, eh. Here is why I am like this…. OKAY, I admit it! My super hero fantasy. Plus… I am able to perform feats of epic proportion, saving humanity, animals, little old ladies, small children etc. And no, no, sorry, no hero here….. Someone who, for the moment, remains hidden from your view, helps you financially. This person is a foreigner, likely old, say over 50 years of age.

Nothing worse than a financially strapped Scorpio, not to mention very unusual. Is it connected to something you have written? And now, you are contacted by legal people to discuss possible resolution. Who else could it be? Justice will be yours. Your focus now on your profession, career, reputation.

A discussion with your family, who veer towards, science, secular humanism are available, offering good suggestions. Conversations abound with those who serve you, work for you. And with regard your unique skill set. By p. And by p. Saturday, looks like a wonderful moment to spend time with friends, romanticize about things you want to accomplish with your creative verve. Today is ideal for you to dream, reflect and imagine your future.

Gazing at all he owns. His fecund land rife with crops. Our nobleman looks out on the ocean. Clasped in one hand is a glass globe of the earth. In the other, he holds a magical Wand. Out the top, along the shaft of this wondrous living thing sprouts greenery and blossoms flourish. His creative zeal, in constant, robust activity, from which ideas, projects, work for his citizenry abounds. Creating affluence.. Look deep into the heart of this successful person. I defy you to find one shred of greed, avarice or debauchery.

A leader, a true hero, a noble soul working everyday in everyway to make life better, for all. Much like you, Sagittarius….. I received quite a few comments from Sages last week. My Moon is in Sagittarius. I can relate to what Sage has been going through. Considered a harsh transit, Pluto, no fun as anyone who has been through a Pluto impact on their horoscope will tell you. It went over my ascendant ostensibly hitting all the major house cusps. At 63 years of age and today, is my birthday, I say that Saturn in Sagittarius has been, hands down the worst transit, ever. It almost killed me.

But more importantly, Sagittarius, your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future. Conducive vibes in your hood are promised while the Sun remains in your house of short trips, errand, siblings, calls, communication to February 18, Naturally this is off putting. Are there disagreements with spending concerning your children? If yes, take a breath, step away, especially today. The planets are not in an agreeable mode. Over the next 30 days or so, your creative heart beats like a big bass drum. Find your medium. Express how life, love, work, prayer, art, literature is for you. With Venus accompanying Mars in your solar house of children, money from real estate, inheritances, speculative ventures, Fight the urge to spend the whole ball of wax on all the above mentioned people, places or events.

Look to foreign climes, people from abroad, publisher. You discover a real cool older person in your hood, Thursday. Perhaps walking the dog, shopping for baby clothes, or perusing the new arrivals at your favourite second hand book store. Wherever it takes, the seed is planted and root spring forth. First, they melt the ice by complimenting you on your eldest child, or your beloved pet or a creative project you simply cannot stop raving on about. By the time the yardarm strikes noon so ensconced in your conversation, the afternoon has slipped by.

A little social meetup like this, et Voila. Mystics have been describing it all for millennia. Politics, astrology, the whole gamut. Friday as the Full Moon peaks later in the p. Time to entertain at home. Look for a get together. Social groups, clubs are all involved. Saturday, career, your boss, professional liaisons, authorities and your public persona merge with your home, family, ancestors. As one of the most joyful cards with respect to success in creative endeavours, business. Given the correct cards surrounding it, in love too. Pictured is a hero riding his white steed draped in a green cloak, the horse of course!

I highly recommend it. Each moment if we could just detach from the charge of emotion, the need to analyse the minutia of our lives. Capricorn, how do you do it? I mean the surge of power, influence and dynamism swirling around you, leaving little love notes from the Gods at your every footfall. I am impressed. And as well, end of life issues demand your attention. Your exalted ruler, Mars in Aries, in the above described area of your solar chart, reads like the bio of a tycoon on the verge of great renown. In the upcoming 30 days, your home is control central vis a vis the litany of planets read; activity galore occupying your homebase.

Put this good use, to maximum effect by starting a useful project. You may consider a renovation under these stars. People who supply services to you: Labourers, plumbers, lawyers, doctors, veterinarians. You will hear concerns, considerations which had not been understood before.

The following are areas lit up by this confluence of celestial action: Partnerships of all sorts, sizes and complexions. First there is a loving, peaceful conversation regarding home affairs. From elder care to repainting the basement. No matter what the topic, remember you heard it here first. This erupts and the game is on. Your partner is snubbed. While neighbours drop a nebulous request. Praise be to God! Mercury in your personal house of finances, cash, jewellery, designers outfits,shoes, purses, suits or running shoes, briefcases and so on are highlighted over the next 3 weeks.

Please can someone let me know exactly when intelligence, informed opinions by trained articulate people become a detriment? Something to be ashamed of, repudiated and scorned? Please explain it to me! Business associate, best friend. Or an open enemies pocket book balance is revealed. Stunning everyone. Who knew. Seek out the best professional advice you can afford. Especially if your marital partner is under water. Saturday the heat is off. You look to the following: Higher learning, professors, lawyers, foreigners, educated people of merit and accomplishment.

Go Capricorn Go. If love is not your ken, a major decision requires you search your Soul. Delve deep. Look into your heart.

You must choose between the profound or the profane? I mean the answer, to my way of thinking is pretty darned obvious. I guess we just witnessed this exact question being answered. The former was picked for Prez. I guess every epoch has its quota of fools that Fate deems necessary to paraded out in public. You must make a decision. Door number One or Door number Two?